My Crypto Investment

Building Wealth One Block at a Time

Our Pillars


When you work with MCI, our primary focus will always be on YOUR interests and goals.


We have no clients or customers. Just family. When you succeed, we succeed.


We maintain a sharper insight into trends, patterns, and analysis that enables us to focus on sustainable long-term growth.

Conviction to Serve

Because we focus on building relationships and developing generational wealth. We are always here to serve you, our community, our country and our world.

Our Mission

At MyCryptoInvestment our mission is to cultivate relationships that enable our friends and family to build generational wealth.

Portfolio Options

All Portfolios Require a Minimum $10,000 Investment

Ransomware Mitigation

Do you own a business and worry about a Ransomware attack? Hackers can cost you millions in lost revenue.  Ask how we can help get you back in business fast.   

Low Risk


You’ve done some investing, looked into crypto and or blockchain investing and want to go to the next level. This item class we have for you may work best.

Low Risk - Steady Returns


You are a seasoned investor, savvy about financial markets and wiling to take some risk. Ask us about this portfolio.

Moderate Risk - Average Returns


You’re a seasoned investor, you love high stakes high rewards and growth is essential. If this sounds like you, inquire about this investment portfolio.

High Risk - High Rewards

About Us

Josh Bailey

Joshua Bailey is a business and technology executive with more than 20 years of experience.  Passionate about all things technology, immersing himself into the cryptocurrency world was a natural progression for his intellectually curious mind. With a strong entrepreneurial focus, Josh found the perfect complimentary business partner in Andrew and shortly thereafter, MyCryptoInvestment was born.  In his spare time, Josh enjoys responding to calls for help as a volunteer firefighter. His favorite place to be is on a cruise ship with his family.

Andrew Brooks

Andrew Brooks is a Sales and Marketing Executive with 15+ years of experience. His friend and business partner, Josh, is credited for igniting his passion for Crypto investing. Andrew’s interests, hobbies, and ambitions are as big as Texas. Being a born and bred Texan, he loves ranching, water sports, hunting, and volunteering with groups like the Ronald McDonald House, Carfest, and Special Olympics. But Andrew’s main passion is being with family, and he values the time he gets to spend with his wife and little boy the most.

Curious About Crypto?

Contact us to schedule a free 15 minute consultation. 

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